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For sale a DKW-VEMAG GT Malzoni 1966 – Brazilian Sport/Race Car


The DKW-VEMAG GT Malzoni is a Brazilian sport car manufactured between 1964 – 1966 and his first proposal it was only for race.

The success was immediately and was decided made versions for street use, that gave origin to Puma DKW and after Pume GTE VW.

People believe were made only 35 cars, 4 for race and 31 for street. Today we have knowledge of just 12.

During 60’s and 70's, all Brazilian's factories adopted as a marketing plan invest money in racing. DKW-VEMAG used in the begining a modified Belcar that had a good results although it was a heavy car.

Due this scenario Jorge Lettry (DKW-VEMAG competition's department), Genaro “Rino” Malzoni (a body specialist for existing chassis) and Anísio Campos (designer and driver) was decided create a lightweight car. A first prototype of Malzoni in steel body was made and after this one the final model with fiberglass body with Italian design was made.

Vemag was a Brazilian factory that manufactured under license of Auto union the DKW 1000 sedan in Brazil from 1958 to 1967.


1964: started in races
1965: wins five races and his principal rival Interlagos (Brazilian version of Renault Alpine A-108) started production by Willys.
1966: Was substituted by Puma DKW

In 1999 three DKW GT Malzoni were invited by Audi AG to compose an Auto Union team to appear in a race in an American Circuit (Laguna Seca).

Ten years later (november/2009) Audi AG through Audi Tradition bought in south of Brazil one DKW GT Malzoni that is exposed in Audi Museum in Ingolstadt.

Important racing drivers:

A lot of good racing drivers used DKW GT Malzoni for race but the most important and famous was Emerson Fittipaldi.

Emerson used a DKW GT Malzoni in a very famous racing called “1000 Brazilian Miles” in old Interlagos circuit with more that 8 kilometers.

GT Malzoni used by Fittipaldi (at 20 years old) was not so powerful and was racing with other cars with more power like: VW Karmann Guia with Porsche engines (used for his brother Wilson Fittipaldi and Carlos Pace), Chevrolet with V8 Corvette engine, Alpine 1300cc.

In the end of the race (less than six laps to the end) Emerson's team was in 1st position but due a mechanical problem need to go to the box and finished the race in 3rd position.

Technical Information of car for sale:

New Mahle Pistons, connecting rod rollers with original new cages, bearing new with 900 cc engine equal gasket, water pump VW AP engine with termostatic valve and radiator of the Corsa with thermostatically controlled electric fan. The engine operates at 80° C constant load applied.Bosch electronic ignition with 3 sensors .3 units and 3 coil with mechanical feed system original engine. Compression ratio of 9.5/1 recommended gasoline 95 oct with synthetic 2T oil Pentosin Werke of Germany or similar. The primary damper Wallig original supplier and copies of German Eberspacher with coating of aluminum plate, more side-mount.Triple Solex 40mm Carburetors with electric pump.

Gearbox: The Original DKW regarding the long end (differential) of the Belcar 1000 1967.Trambulador cables with standard gearshift position (first forwards) with precise coupling Note: All new bearings, with mineral oil without EP additives.

Suspension: Original car with adapters in the holders of the front to split the stroke of the shock, which was not done at the time leaving little buffer closing due to the relegation of the suspension.

Wheels with original time frame measures 15 "X 5 .5 being the offset of the front wheels back to leave the different gauge back to compensate for the distance shortened wheelbase. Some cars at the time had cut rear axle to reduce the gauge.

Electric system: 12 volt Wapsa alternator with the Belcar 1000 1967 GE seal headlights, flashlights, switches, contact block, etc. all original. Panel with instruments similar to official cars competition from Vemag.

Brake: Ventilated disc front caliper Audi 80 and rear solid discs and calipers from Audi A6 with Handbrake.

Bodywork: Fiberglass body, windshield laminated Staff of the doors made of aluminum Glass doors made with acrylic4-point safety belts for driver and passenger points 3.Flywheel done similar to that used in cars of Vemag

The car of this advertisement was borrowed to Audi Brazil to celebrate 15 years of officinal Audi in Brazil. This car appeared with Audi Imperator and Auto Union Type C.









DKW Malzoni for Sale

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